Our Equipment for hire

We have the right equipment to facilitate getting your job done right. We’ve invested in this equipment to ensure that every job we do is done with the utmost professionalism. Need someone with the right equipment to help with your projects? Don’t Fuss Call Us!

Meet our Powered Wheel Barrow

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The Powered Wheel Barrow is used to effortlessly move massive amounts of concrete, dirt or debris around a job site. This hydraulic-assisted track barrow is 34″ wide allowing to fit through 36″ space with ease, saving us time — and our backs. Equipment is only available with operator.

Need a professional to remove debris from a job site? Have a landscape project that has gotten away from you and you are unsure of what to do? How to get rid of the debris? Or how to finish the job? Let Mr.Construction and Son Inc. use our expertise and equipment to help you fulfill your goal of completing that project. Whether it is a brand new project or existing one that you need assistance with, we can be there for you.

We proudly service Staten Island and the greater NYC area.
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